"Epic" Fan Mail

I will update this with new "epic" fan mail as I get it

And no I will not correct the grammar or spelling from the original message.

-  total fag, some fag mentioned you on my fagg0t youtube channel because he was a fagg0t and anyone who agrees with your shit is a fagg0t, just learn to deal with it, btw shud you wanna pass me off as some troll or haterfag then well, keep your eyes open for when i bring out a video mentioning fagg0t youtubers like you, i mean how dare you bring down shane dawson, you have to be jealous and ive got no fucking repsect for you so yea you WILL remember me, no one talks shit about shane, fred and gets away with it, your just too heartless ppl like you need to be kept quiet, i mean seriously, fuckk off already bitch im listening to you and youre fucking annoying gaoddam You will regret this vid when your getting shot. Shane has been through heaps he doewnt need you faggot!!!

-  watch ya back all of us will b after yaaa!!! lmao. Hypocrite. Your just jealous of all the other partners that are BETTER then you... deny it or not. I believe this guy lives down the block from me. He lives in his mom's basement and hasn't worked in years. I think he breeds gerbils or something.stupid jew faggot. You dont fool anyone with you gayness Listen to me you stupid looking cunt... None of your shit makes any sense.

Just stop.

Bet you can't tell me where the semi-colon should have gone Mr. Intranets Grammer Nazi.

-  Fuck sake... I gotta can this shit. Do you have any fucking idea how annoying you sound?

-  Why do you keep saying fanboy? Is that some kinda American insult like... giving chicken to black people, that just flys straight the fuck over the heads of simpleton Australians like me?

-  Fanboy isn't offensive, kid. I Will find out where you live, Go to your house, Pack your asshole full of raw steak, Then release a pack of angry wolves in your house. Yeah, Thats right, I'm talking about you TheArchfiend.go fuck urself, shane dawson is one of the best comedians on youtube. so is nigahiga, u can call urself whore-bag fuck u MAN U talk like a fag GAYYY! thats all i want to say and u suck man balls or pussy if ur gay!!! wtf dude? you are a fucking raging homo. igsrj is the fucking master and his reviews own your ass and he totally owns your ass in almost every video of his, take that, bitch                                         

God, I hate you but I just can't stop watching your show. you suck like hell, actually your worse than hell!!!

-  Yea Man...About Half Way Thru U Started Acting Like A Total Douchebag....Also If U Think Every Vid Of Urs Needs 5 Million Views...Then Ur An Epic Failure U Douchebag...And Yes I Am A Cloud Fanboy...Also U Have No Right To Bag On Cloud Becuz U Arent That Good Either go fuck yourself you idiot the irate gamer nerd is a shit instead chris is the best and he should have win so go fuck yourself archfield

-  Listen up, dipshit, cos I guarantee you're not used to this, bitch. I'm not one of IGSRJ's fanboys, I never will be, but I still like his videos and think he's awesome. FYI,you retard, he's made part three, and like so many other people have said, if you don't want anything to do with him, why make videos about him being lame and claiming to leave youtube when he's clearly not? If you don't get a life QUICK, you could lose the one you have now. That's right, fuckface. You're as good as dead. >:)

-  wow you are such a faggot for even liking this movie. the plot was fucking retarded. the action sequences you couldnt even tell what was going on. and the acting was fucing shit

-  you suck you stupid jew homo

 -  fag u know it if u love animals so mush then marry one dick  ishatonu owns you, your so jealous with your stupid make believe reasons.

 -  you are fucking cry baby go back to ur mom's left tit you gay queer bait faggot, saying people cant handle youtube look at your self lil fuck stick! you couldn't handle it if some one said they fucked ur mother. IGSRJ is ultra badass.. he doesnt have to do shit.. at least he makes funny videos un like you shrimp dick puss cake.. no fan boy, just people like you need to get off youtube ur a 5 year old with a 1 year old dick who needs to put some ice on his nuts and chill the fuck out!

-  arch why do you get so worked up about everything let people do there thing and get a life.the reason IGSRJs video was late is because he had to deal with all your PM'S scewing up his channel then you make a gay video talking aqbount himlike i've said u don't have a life out there u just stay in ure room on the internet saying all the shit coming out of ure mouth and bitching about people who have done better then u whos got a girlfriend and u don't I mean seriosely get a fucking life and a fucking job cause ure not going to be able to live the rest of ure fucking life with ure mum wanking ureself over porn and go on the internet all the fucking time bitching about everyone so im saying this again and not again get a fucking job and a fucking life O.o and don't hit the door on the way.The only person that sucks the archfiend is you. GO suck a cow. Nobody likes you especially not over IGSRJ.

-  you completely and utterly suck in every way possible. could you stop making videos? thank you. Hey Man! Or was I supposed to say woman. Guess what bitch, nobody gives afucking shit. And you said it yourself ISGRJ has more fans than you.Why? Cause your not a fat bastard. Personally yeah he swears and he's abit messed up but that has nothing to do with you. So due to that factjust leave him alone and forget about your shit cuz then people willstop sending you these messages. In addition you need a life, and a wayto shut the fuck up. If I could I would bloody reach into the computerand strangle. You are the biggist bitch. Want to know something thatmakes my balls itch? The fact that you get all these messages like Isaid if you want to stop tape your mouth eh wanker? You need to leavepeople to what they like doing. And you should really calm down. Yousaid people get SO WORKED UP THROUGH YOUTUBE. Look at you for part 3.So man honestly. just get a life


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