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Meet The Douchebags 

   Many people have many; quests, task, chores, and good will acts that they partake in.  Some people help homless in their town.  Others may help a less fortunate person rebuild their home after a disaster... Me?  I expose douchebags!  That's right.  Consider this my civic duty to find and point out douchebags so that we all can know for sure and keep an eye out for their future act of doughebaggery.

I have seen douchebags acting douchey my entire life.  Call it instinct but I just know how to spot these people walking among us.  in time, I will expose them all!  for now, enjoy the ones that i have owned on YouTube.

And now for the douchebags.  They are listed here in the order in which I discussed them on YouTube.  This is not a ranking order listed below.

Click the douchebag's name to see the YouTube video I made about them:

Enjoy :)


Chris "The Irate Hack Piece of Shit Gamer" Bores

Ah yes, Mr. Bores.  This man is one of the key pieces regarding my "stardom" on YouTube.  My first set of videos I made about this guy snowballed with the fan approval of individuals that enjoyed the work of, James Rolfe aka, The angry video Game Nerd.  You see, Mr. Irate here is a hack of James Rolfe and I called him on it.  I even went as far as to being the guest on a radio show right after the show hosts gave Chris an interview that he wishes would have never taken place.  To this date, The Irate Gamer has never publically acknowledged AVGN and still hides in his CENSORED YouTube world while scores of hateful web-goers call him on his hackery EVERY DAY.

Also, he likes to mispell words like "princible" and he hosts a paranormal show that nevers finds anything remotely paranormal.


Cloud8745 aka, ClouDouche

Cloud8745... epic douche.  This is the man who had a broken computer, begged for money from his fans to replace it, and in the meantime live at home and not get a job that requires a working home computer.  Wow.  This guy commits numerous acts of douchebaggery.  He pulls videos after he get butt-hurt over them.  He pulls his YouTube channel because he's a emo twit.  Anywho, he made it really easy for me to irritate him and even more easier to irritate his HYPER-SENSITIVE ClouDouche fanboys. 

You sir, are a douche.  Your fan's... shit, I don't know what the hell category to put them in. 

 Jeffery "Jeff" Boss

Ugh... Just click his name and watch the video.

He's some conspiracy theorist that ran for President.

He's a douchebag.  Trust me.

 Very douchey.


Lebron "Le Douche" James

Ok, Lebron is a phenomonal basketball player... but that doesn't excuse him from being a douchebag.  I hope every fan of his in Cleveland doesn't get too attached to him because he is leaving you behind for fame and fortune in NY.  What a douchebag.  Yeah, nothing is set in stone yet, but he isn't exactly doing too much to quiet people like me down.


VenomFangX aka, Douchey shit-stain

Ok, turn off your free thinking capabilities... now.  That is the world that this douche lives in.  He is yet another one of these Youtubers that censor all opinions that doesn't 100% agree with them.  He's condescending, arrogant, and is 100% he knows what he says is FACT.  PERIOD.


 Chief "Douche" John Roberts

He's the Chief Justice of The United States Supreme Court.  He gets the epic opportunity of swearing in a newly elected U.S. President.  Simple enough, right?  Then why the hell did this shit-head mess up four god damn lines of text at the inauguration ceremony of President Barack Obama!?

Wow, epic act of douchebaggery.                   Nice bald spot.

 Val Kilmer, The "Ice Douche"

Ok, this one is one for the record books.  Val Kilmer portrayed not only one of the most homosexual characters on screen (not that there is anything wrong with that) but he also pulled off the roll of the most douchiest acting ever.  Top Gun is forever a horrible movie just from Val's character alone.  this character was chocked full of doucheness that it made the horrible film barely noticable.  Ice Man... say hello to spot number 7 on my list you douchebag.


The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny is without a doubt one of the most egotistical, evil, putrid, fowl being to have ever existed.  I use to believe in him and his ways, but no more shall I do so.  It's time this fool got exposed for the fraud he is.  Sorry, Mr. Cottontail.  You are a douche.


Not even reptiles of the teenage mutant ninja variety are safe from getting put on my list of douchebags.  From a shitty weapon, to a Brooklyn accent, to wasting a perfectly good pizza are all reasons why this turtle is one stone cold certified douchebag.  The only people that are more douchey are the ones that think the lyric in the song is "Rpahael is cool but CRUDE" when it is crystal clear that the lyric is "rude".  WTF people!?

The Groundhog (DBX)

 This bastard eats your shit and doesn't care.  These things will eat more in one day than you will eat ina  month.  I don't know how that's possible but I've seen it first hand.  If you have one in your yard... get rid of it post-haste!

This guy is a more than fitting entry for the ten spot on the DB list.

 The Baseball Spectator Douche

This douche bag just has to have your attention.  he or she will wave at the camera on every single pitch in  baseball game.  To say this is annoying is an understatement.  To say this peron is a douche bag is way more proper.  Stop waving to your friends at home, buddy.  No one cares to see you on TV.  Douchebag!

 The Golf Spectator Douche 

It's in the hole!  It's in the hole!  It's in the hole!  It's in the hole!  It's in the hole!  It's in the hole!


Now STFU!  And let the god damn guy just hit the ball without your ability to make a douchebag out of yourself on national TV.



The last entry into the list of douchebags is one of the reasons why I became such a cynical individual in this world.  Fahrenheit not only makes no sense but it has a much more sensible alternative in Celcius that get's notrespect in the United States.

What.  The.  Phuck.

That is all


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THE List Of Douchebags

1.  Chris "The Irate Hack Piece of Shit Gamer" Bores

2.  Cloud8745 aka, ClouDouche

3.  Jeffery "Jeff" Boss

4.  Lebron "Le Douche" James

5.  VenomFangX aka, Douchey shit-stain

6.  Chief Justice John Roberts aka, Chief Douche Roberts

7.  Val Kilmer the Ice-Douche

8.  The Easter Bunny

9.  Raphael

10. The Groundhog

11. The Golf Spectator Douche 

12. The Baseball Spectator Douche

13. Fahrenheit

That is all

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