This page is here to explain just who in the hell I am!


Who am I you ask?    Well, it's simple: 


I am a somewhat very minor Internet celebrity that makes videos on YouTube since April of 2006 under the username, The Archfiend.  Since December of 2008 I am a partner there and am now getting paid to do this shit.  I'm a rather harsh critic of things I don't like and have no problem expressing myself.  I make people laugh, cry, vomit, jump up and down as well as jump off of bridges.  All in all, I just try to have as much as possible with whatever I do.


  Born and raised in Southern NJ is where I have developed my "attitude" but I have lived in 4 different states so I'm way more cultured than the average Joe.  I'm college educated with a bachelor's degree from Salisbury University in Maryland. Lately I've been wandering the earth seeing just where the hell it intends on leading me.   



I love Internet videos (non pornographic) and the many ranters of the world wide web.   My main Internet influences would be guys like The Mad Ranter (aka ForFun808 aka ForMoney808 because he is now a piece of shit YouTube whore), James Rolfe; The Angry Video Game Nerd, and mostly Pat Condell.  Pat's style of talking in front of the camera in one take is hugely what I molded my style of rant to.  Also a shout out has to go to Howard Stern.  I'm a huge fan of howard and his tell all style of talk is also a big influence in my work. 


Oh, and I have the curse of having naturally curly hair that I have to spend a lifitme keeping straight so that I don't look like a member of a late 90s boy band.   This hair sucks!  I'm also an ultra-marathon runner as well as a 9 year and counting vegetarian.  No I don't eat fish.  That is always the first question when I say I'm vegetarian.  Oh and I rarely ever drink anything other than water.  H2O FTW!  

Bla bla bla... read about the rest of my life when the book comes out.

What the hell do I do for fun?

I love to go around and find new areas to dominate with my sick-nasty parkour skills.  Below is 2 pictures of me sitting on a wall looking totally bad-ass over the park that I just owned.


I'm what most people would consider to be a goody--two-shoes.  I barely drink anything that is not water, I've never done an illegal drug in my life and I run ultra-marathons.   Currently I am on pace to live to be 158. 

As if all that wasn't fun enough I also like to: write poetry, play classical piano, help out at a local homeless shelter and lie three times in a row before I tell the truth.  But seriously though, I just wonder the earth.  Just like Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction.  I'll figure out my roll here soon enough.  Whatever that means.

So far the whole Internet "superstar" experience has been a great time.  I enjoy making videos for you guys and love that you guys actually dig what I have to say or hate what I have to say.  If it wasn't for you guys (and the money from my partnership) I would have never got motivated enough to make an actual website for you all.

Thank you all, and enjoy my site.




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